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Title: ASICON 2011 | Topics  •  Size: 14166



  • HIV/AIDS Epidemiology
  • HIV Virology: Distribution, Diversity in India
  • HIV Transmission and Primary/Acute Infection
  • Human Genomics
  • Immunology and Pathogenesis of HIV-mediated immunodeficiency
  • Diagnostic Technologies, issues and Monitoring Tools
  • Application of CD4 and Viral load in HIV management
  • Role of Imaging
  • HIV Pharmacology and Observational Studies
  • Advances in Pathogenesis
  • Opportunistic Infections including IRIS (Fungal, Viral, TB, other)
  • Non OI disorders
  • Neuropathogenesis, neurological complications
  • Genito Urinary Tract
  • HIV and Syphilis
  • Renal, Cardiac manifestations
  • Organ Transplantation in HIV and other issues
  • HIV/TB co-infection including MDR / XDR – TB
  • HIV/Hepatitis co-infections
  • HIV and Sexuality
  • Malignancies in HIV
  • Non-AIDS defining illnesses
  • State of the ART in HIV management
  • Current issues and controversies in HIV management
  • Problems with late presenters
  • Treatment Guidelines, Early v/s Differed initiation of ART
  • Newer ARVs
  • Metabolic complications of ART
  • Problems of drug-drug interaction
  • Drug Resistance (including mechanisms, clinical implications, testing)
  • Perinatal HIV intervention
  • HIV in Newborn, Children, Adolescents
  • HIV in Women
  • HIV in Elderly and Special groups (MSM, IDU, Sex Workers)
  • Pre and Post Exposure Prophylaxis
  • Microbicides, Circumcision and behavioral interventions
  • Preventive and Therapeutic HIV Vaccines
  • Immune-based Therapies including cytokines
  • Blood banking
  • Death, Dying and Bereavement
  • Controversies in HIV
  • ARVs in the pipeline



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