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Lucknow  is the capital city of Uttar Pradesh, located in what was historically known as the Awadh region, Lucknow has always been a multicultural city, and flourished as a cultural and artistic capital of North India in the 18th & 19th centuries. Courtly manors, beautiful gardens, poetry, music, and fine cuisine patronized by the Persian-loving Shia Nawabs of the city are well known amongst Indians and students of South Asian culture and history.  Lucknow is popularly known as ‘The City of Nawabs’. It is also known as the ‘Golden City of the East’, ‘Shiraz-i-Hind’ and ‘The Constantinople of India’.

Lucknow - the upcoming METRO is a hallmark of cultural extravaganza, known all over the world for its many splendours. A city that has a magical charm, a charm that's forever and a charm that's apart. Be it the cultural charm or the monumental one, all are well conserved here to make Lucknow “The city of many splendours".

Lucknow is placed among the fastest growing cities of India and is rapidly emerging as a manufacturing, commercial and retailing hub. This unique combination of rich cultural traditions and brisk economic growth provides Lucknow with an aura that refuses to fade away. Lucknow has Asia's first human DNA bank. This is world's second bank having DNA identification system (DIS) and has been established in the Biotech park under the public private partnership with IQRA Biotech Services.

Straddling the river Gomti, modern Lucknow is a bustling metropolis. Historically, it was a centre of Urdu literature.





Lucknowi Chaat:

The Chaat in Lucknow is one of the best in the country. There are quite a few places serving outstanding chaat, like Shukla Chaat and Moti Mahal in Hazratganj, Radhey Lal in Aliganj and Gomti Nagar, Chhappan Bhog in Sadar and Neel Kanth in Gomti Nagar, and famous Jagdish Chaat House in old lucknow Chowk.  
Lucknowi Biryani:
Lucknow and Biryani have an almost symbiotic relationship. The Lucknowi Biryani is the footprint that the Muslims of the Mughal Empire left on the northern part of India. It originated in the village 'Bare Next' and although it originated in the North, Virani Biryani has also picked up flavors of the South. The Awadhi Biryani is also known as "Pukka Biryani” as the rice and meat are cooked separately and then layered. Its taste is unique. It is cooked in big patilas of Tamba. In the final stages of cooking some ashes on the lid of patila/Degh is put for all round cooking.
Lucknowi Kabab
The most famous cuisine of Awadhi Region is Tunday Kabab with various other kebabs and breads - Kakori Kebabs, Galawati Kebabs, Shammi Kebabs, Boti Kababs, Patili-ke-Kababs, Ghutwa Kababs and Seekh Kababs, etc. Situated in a small lane in the bustling chowk area, more than 100 year old 'Tunday Kababi' original shop serves only its special 'Galavati Kababs' and 'Parathas'. 
Lucknowi Paan:
After a delicious dinner, one can have Paan at any of the innumerable Paan vendors. Paan eating was taken to its zenith of cultural refinement in the pre partition era in Lucknow, where it became an elaborate cultural custom, and was seen as a ritual of utmost sophistication.


Shopping Points

Sahara Ganj Mall

In the state of Nawabs, the Sahara Ganj Mall looks like a fanfare. It was opened by the Chief Minister of Lucknow amongst a lot of pomp and show. Awarded with a unique disabled - friendly initiative, it has come out as a major project of Sahara Group. Built in an area of 525, 000 sq. ft, it is considered as one of the most expanded, massive and mammoth construction in Lucknow City. Being the first Shopping Mall of Lucknow, it has more attraction attached to it then most of the malls around the country.
Aminabad Market
The Aminabad Market of Lucknow is a very famous market. It has existed from the times of the Nawabs of Awadh. Aminabad is very large and congested market made up of narrow lanes and bylanes. Traffic movement is next to impossible in the market's interiors. But this is the real beauty of the market with small and medium sized shops selling items of daily usage - ladies fashion items, ornaments, jewelry, fashion garments, fancy dresses, chikan kurta, chikan sarees and ladies wear, chikan mens wear, footwear and other fancy items.
There are the famous eateries of Lucknow in the market. The famous non-vegetarian delight's stall, sweet shops, baker's shops and paan shops draw people to the market. Lately the government and administration have been trying to improve the conditions in Aminabad. The market is now open till late. Its a pleasure shopping in Aminabad during night. The colorful lightings, decorated shops and traditionally dressed people in the market, combined with the Lucknow politesse makes shopping in Aminabad a unique experience. 
Alambagh Market
Situated on the main Lucknow-Kanpur Highway, Alambagh market is one of most developed market in Lucknow. Grand showrooms, availability of almost all branded items from needle to gold and silver ornaments, fresh vegetables and fruits, sweets, sanitary items, etc. make it one of the best marketing area of the city. The Alambagh market caters to the needs of Chandar Nagar, Alambagh, Talkatora RDSO Colony, Krishna Nagar, LDA colony, Sharda Nagar, Ashiyana, etc. and all those from Lucknow, who visit Alambagh market. The market extends from Teri Pulia Bazar to Chandar Nagar, Singhar Nagar, Krishna Nagar and VIP road and surrounding areas 
Hazrat Ganj Market
Hazratganj is a major shopping area of the city. It houses showrooms and retail stores of almost all major consumer-goods manufacturers in India. From car-dealers to jewelry stores to antiques, one can shop for almost anything at Hazratganj. Hazratganj also has got many shops selling the famous Lucknow Chikan material. Gurjari, Handloom Emporium, and Gandhi Ashram, are some of the major handicraft sellers. The British Council Library of Hazratganj is also located in Hazratganj, near to Mayfair Cinema.



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